Oceanology & research vessels

Kley France has a long tradition in oceanography, where our innovative and pioneering frame of mind has allowed us to develop state-of-the-art deep sea winches and handling systems. Over the past four decades, we have built long-term partnerships with international research institutes and universities.

Our outstanding equipment provides recognized added value to numerous research vessels throughout the world, with a portfolio including:

  • deep sea winches
  • annular traction winches© especially developed for synthetic rope (coring, geology, dredging, trawling)
  • ultra-clean CTD winches and related handling systems
  • drum winches
  • A-frames, Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)
  • piston corers (e.g. Calypso©) with auxiliaries and related handling systems (telescopic fork, booms, platforms).
  • Sub-hull sensor deployment (TVO)