Fields and products / Oceanology and research vessels

Oceanology and research vessels

Through innovation and pioneering spirit, we have developed state-of-the-art equipment for numerous research vessels worldwide.

Kleyfrance has a long presence in oceanography, where we have built long-term partnerships with number of international research institutes and universities.

Deep sea winches

Annular traction winches© developed for synthetic rope (coring, geology, dredging, trawling)
Ultra-clean CTD winches
ROV winches

Handling systems

Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS) for ROV deployment
Sub-hull sensor deployment systems (known as “Travocéan” devices)
Corer handling systems customized to Vessel characteristics (A-frames, telescopic fork, booms, davits, platforms, etc.)

Corers and associated equipment

Giant Calypso© (piston) corer with mechanical and acoustic triggering system (patented by CNRS)
Square corers
Complete suite for corer preparation and treatment: piston wire rope socketing machine, liners assembly tooling, splitting machine, etc.


We hold two world records of quality-core length : 64m in 2002 (Gulf of Mexico) and 69m in 2019 (Southern Indian Ocean) achieved with Marion Dufresne II and complete Kleyfrance suite of equipment.

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