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Heavy lifting solutions for other fields

A number of industrial fields require heavy lifting and specific lifting & handling operations:

Civil works: construction of bridges, super-structures

Renewable energies: wind farm installation, electricity storage by gravity, cable and pipe laying, etc.

Harbor and shipyard infrastructures (e.g. slipways)

Strong of our experience and know-how covering a number of technologies (linear winches, traction winches, annular traction winches for fiber ropes, heave compensation, etc.), and environment (marine, subsea), our aim is to increasingly be featuring on the market of lifting solutions for above traditional and emerging sectors.

For example, we have recently delivered:

A linear winch package for the installation and operation of heavy tilting panels, as part of the new safe confinement arch to the sarcophage of the Chernobyl reactor (to Novarka)

A 1600t lifting and handling package, including heave compensation, for the construction of La Nouvelle Route du Littoral, in Réunion Island (to Vinci)


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