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Wire rope socketing

Kleyfrance history started 65 years ago, with the invention and patenting of a technique for wire rope socketing (anchorage).

This technique found many civil engineering applications, such as pre-stressed concrete and suspended roofs, requiring the tensioning of anchoraged wires and wire ropes.

Today, Kleyfrance continues to utilize this socketing technique in several sectors such as:
Tensioning of pylons for electricity transportation
Landing stoppers for fighter aircraft
Wire ropes anchorages and U-rods, for safety devices of nuclear power plants (anti-whip systems)
Piston wire rope for deep sea using


Historic Kleyfrance projects with this technology include Saint-Nazaire Stadium in the 60’s, Munich Stadium in 1972, Teheran Stadium in 1977 and some bridges like Ré Island Bridge in France.
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