Oil & gas

Kleyfrance has solid experience in the development of a wide range of highly customized winches and handling systems for FPSO, FSU, and pipe laying barges & vessels. Kley France delivers complete equipment packages including power and control systems.
Our customers are the prime contractors of major companies. Our projects are in most of the oil theatres worldwide, especially in ultra-deep waters. Our portfolio includes:

  • riser pulling systems, either installed inside an FPSO turret or onto a side balcony
  • mooring systems, constant tension/tie-back winches
  • linear winches, with capacity ranging from 50t to 800t
  • specific handling systems, such as spoolers,welding rotators, traction sheaves, etc.
  • heave compensators
  • annular traction winches©, Fiber Rope Deployment Systems (FRDS)

Systems are motorized by dedicated power and control packages, including electrical packages, and electric and diesel HPUs. Our main applications are FPSO riser connections and mooring, pipe pulling and laying, and heavy lifting & erection.



Linear Winch

Kleyfrance is the world leader in linear winches. With almost 100 units delivered and operating worldwide, we provide linear winches with proven design, unequaled reliability, and outstanding performances.


Our linear winches can be part of an RPS (riser pulling system) or used for heavy marine/land operations, such as mooring, pipe pulling, and structure erection.

Key features include:

  • excellent weight/size to load ratio
  • different layouts and working positions
  • continuous or intermittent motion
  • socket passing
  • inching control (very low speed)
  • load limitation


We have recently delivered several linear winches
with the world’s highest capacity: 800T.