Focused on core expertise

In order to bring real added value and achieve excellence, we focus on our core expertise, and subcontract the manufacturing phases to qualified suppliers.
This is transparent for our customer, however, as we entirely manage the interfaces and oversee every aspect of the project up to turnkey delivery. For each
project, a highly skilled Project Manager attends to customer needs and ensures that everything goes smoothly, on time and on budget.

1. Engineering

Our highly customized and innovative solutions are developed 100% internally.


Our engineering team is split into two distinct yet closely related engineering offices:

  • Mechanical design
  • Motorization, including hydraulics, electrics and automation issues
  • We have several patents, especially in relation with linear winches, heavy lifting and synthetic rope deployment winches.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing of mechanical parts is entrusted to highly qualified subcontractors, selected for their excellence in processes such as welding, machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment.

3. Control Command

Our control command systems are developed in partnership with strategic sub-contractors. This includes electrical cubicles (power and PLC), control consoles and HMI.


Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) can be developed either 100% internally or through close partnerships.


In all cases, Kleyfrance retains full control, by defining the architecture and regulation loops, establishing detailed specifications, and running functional tests.

4. Assembly, commissioning and testing

Assembly, commissioning and testing of the equipment are performed by our teams in our 1500 m² technical hall located close to Nantes.


As per project requirements and logistics constraints, we can readily deploy our organization and teams around the globe. In this way, we can easily deliver closer to customer sites anywhere in the world, and fully adapt the percentage of local manufacturing and commissioning.

5. Worldwide product support and services

Our Product Support Office efficiently handles all logistics and human issues related to supply of spare parts and onsite support. Our site engineers are ready to go anywhere in the world on short notice for support, maintenance and operations. They hold all necessary documents to work either onshore or offshore, (eg visas, medical certificates, BOSIET and HUET training certificates).